I had the privilege of painting a series of unreleased photos of Tupac from his friend and video director, Gobi Rahimi. This photo has been floating on the web for a while now, the iconic Harley shot from Tupacs "All about you" music video. The paintings and photos will be released in time with a open exhibition.

2017 mural in the heart of arts district in DTLA at the American hotel. 

Bathroom at Too Shorts Boombox. A little break in style.

Too Short has always been supportive of any new ideas and experimentations with style. I wanted to make something people wouldn't recognize as mine in reference to the other rooms. So this was the very fist time trying this particular twist, a slight draw off of Picasso with the silhouettes of Egyptian gods. 

 I like to think the Boombox as a museum of improvised arts. As for now its secret location somewhere in Los Angeles bubbling music and far out ideas. 

My good friend 85 GRVND filmed me over a two year period and put together this short film in 2018. 

This runs a little over 10 minutes and gives some insight into my creative thought process.

 This also features one of my pieces that was shown on Ice Cubes 'Good Cop Bad Cop' music video as well as Too Shorts Boombox. Music for the film was blessed by Bei Ru.

heres a link:



Designed set for Hopsins music video ' Crown me' directed by the talented ACRS.

Jumping into a new world with old demons. RIP Anthony Bourdain